Schima has developed a state of the art 110/240v mobile power supply. The modular batteries can offer you an uninterrupted output of power for hours on end at a fraction of the cost of a standard location generator.

The Schima Modular Power System is a rugged, portable, and ready-to-use energy delivery system that provides continuous power via hot-swappable lithium battery packs.

Battery Specifications

The base system consists of a charger, a 4-kW inverter, and two 2.5-kWh battery packs. Both battery packs can be connected simultaneously (in parallel) to the inverter to extend the energy capacity to 5 kWh. Alternatively, one battery can be charged while the other is in use. In this configuration, a fully charged battery can be connected to the system before removing a depleted one, allowing for non-interrupted power delivery to the load.

Indulge in a revolutionary way of supplying power by making the upgrade to Schima. Welcome a greener, fume-free, and virtually silent way of powering your sources, and say goodbye to the standard generator and the hassle of long, knotted power cables. Worried about the need for a stronger power supply? Fret not! Our batteries were uniquely crafted with the capacity to be daisy chained together, providing you with an even greater power if needed. Treat yourself with the rental of Schima batteries to make for the perfect complement to your gear.

The Schima Modular Power System creates a long-lasting, portable, continuous power source with a small footprint for use in multiple applications.